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Monday, November 17, 2008

Exotic animal pet-shop | Business Ideas


Today I want to propose you a niche business that is gaining new customers every day. I am talking about exotic animals (tarantulas, snakes, iguanas).

My business idea is that you make an exotic pet shop and not only to sell animals and food, but to make a mini hotel for owners to leave their animal while they go out of town, to sell medicine (if the animal gets sick) and to offer specialize help and consultation from a doctor if the animal is sick.

To make such a business you will need a couple more permits that the regular pet-shop. I am talking about permits that refer to safety in general, because you are dealing with some dangerous animals.

I wish you good luck!!!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chocolate, a delicious business | Business Ideas


Chocolate will always sell, because it`s too good to not eat it. Besides, it`s a medicine and can do good to your health. That is if we are talking about quality chocolate, not the one that is sold in retail chain stores that contains a lot of additives.

The chocolate that has a high percentage of additives in its composition has a low price and a low quality, but our advantage will be quality. The business that I propose is that to sell quality chocolate. We will sell chocolate that is made from traditional recipes in counties like Belgium, France and Switzerland . The only disadvantage of this business is that the chocolate must be transported in optimum conditions regarding temperature and that the chocolate must be consumed in 20 days (because of the natural ingredients, after 20 days the sweet taste becomes sour).

An investment in such a boutique will be around 50.000 $ and it could reach 100.000 $ depending on the suppliers, location and decorations. The profit margin for such products will be around 20-30 %.


Monday, November 10, 2008

Costume rentals | Business Ideas


Has anyone wished to be Superman or Batman, Snow white or a ballerina when they were kids? Now they can by dressing up. This business idea is a niche business idea, that in some countries other that U.S. or UK is unexploited.

This type of business would not need a big investment from you. For starters if you don’t have a lot of money to invest, you could do a website from where you can rent your costumes. When the business is starting to go well, you can rent a spate to place the shop.

Halloween in becoming a global celebration and everyone wants to rent costumes and have some fun.

For not depending only on the month of October (Halloween) you can rent costumes to multinational companies or to local companies that have costume parties, or parties with themes. They make a lot of parties across the year. Private parties or masquerades can also bring you nice profits. You can also rent tuxedos or evening dresses for special occasions.


Friday, November 7, 2008

Rent a gadget | Business Ideas


Have you ever needed a Gps but you didn’t buy one because you had to use it just once and then probably will have sat in its case, never used again?

Well, this business idea comes in the help of people who needs electronic items to use for a short period of time. The service is very simple, like we have the “Rent a Car” companies; we could have the “Rent a Gadget” concept.

You could rent a GPS, you could rent portable TV’s, portable DVD players, notebooks, and you could practically rent any type of gadget.

Your investment in the company will be very little. Let’s make a short calculation: A GPS gadget costs about 200 $, if you will rent it with 5 $ a day, in 40 days you will get your money back.

You could advertise with flyers and with a web site, you could also advertise in campuses and universities.