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Saturday, August 30, 2008

On call car paint shop | Business Ideas

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I know that you are angry when you see that your car has been scratched in the parking lot. A little scratch can make your car lock badly and you will want to repaint the part that has been scratched. But when you go to a paint shop, and see how muck trouble you have to put up to repaint a little scratch, you give up and leave it like it is.

I give you a business idea that comes for this problem; it’s an opportunity for business.

The paint shop comes to you. For little scratches, you can call a company, and they will come and paint your car at your home, or office or right there in the parking lot with a spray, a brush or an aerograph, depending on the scratch. They could make the car color on site, so there are no discrepancies between colors. It is easier, cheaper and doesn’t take for ever to fix it. In 30 minutes the scratch is history.

I think that many people will become clients of yours, because you will save them time and money.


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