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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We will buy your groceries for you | Business Ideas

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This business idea addresses to entrepreneurs that want to enter the niche of busy people. I have discovered that people are so busy that they have no time for buying their groceries,
So, they make a list of what they want to buy, and send you the list by email or by SMS, and you will do the shopping for them, of course for certain fee. You will deliver their groceries at home, when they are available, with the cash recite.

The best way to make your service known is by word of mouth.

Just think of how easy it is for you to earn money. If you have 10 clients in one day, you make just one trip to the supermarket, and problem solved. It will take you maximum 2 hours to buy everything and another 2 hours in the evening to deliver the goods.


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