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Friday, October 31, 2008

Bio products - healthier food | Business Ideas

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Either you want to produce bio products or just to be the distributor; I think that this is a great business opportunity. Since people have access to all sorts of information (TV, Newspapers, and internet) they think twice before buying a product that is full of additives. So, even though these products will be a little bit more expensive than the normal ones, they will be healthier. You can buy all kind of bio products, from fruits, to bread, to sweets.

The difference between bio and natural in those bio products are made exclusively natural. That means that the plants used have grown on a farm that didn`t use chemical fertilizer and when the plants were processed they didn’t` used additives. You could start this type of business with just a couple of thousand of dollars, if you want to be just a distributer or a small producer, and it could go up to 100 – 200.000 dollars if you want to be a big producer.

I wish you good luck!!!


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