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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Free info kiosks for tourists | Business Ideas

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A new business made for tourists, which will help them find landmarks more easily. If you live in a city that is regularly visited by tourists, you can make an arrangement with the local authorities to allow you to place info kiosks.

The concept is very simple; thru the touch-screen technology the tourists may find information about different places to visit, landmarks, restaurants, hotels, bars, events, concerts, the weather, buses and train schedule. The system shows contact information for these places, prices, a map of how to get there and even the buses you will have to take to make your journey easier.

Your money will come by taking a fee for anyone who wants to make his / her place known thru the info kiosk (restaurants, bars, hotels, beauty salons). The taxes, for the companies that want to advertise thru the info kiosk, are calculated according to the complexity of services.

The price for each info kiosks varies from 7000 euro (9900$) to 20.000 euro (28.000$). The price difference is given by the complexity of the machine and outdoor machines are more expensive than indoor ones.


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