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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Putting company logos on cars | Business Ideas

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You drive your car in the city, when you go to work or simply because you have some business that you have to resolve, why not put your company logo on your car. I think that putting your company logo, telephone number and address is one of the cheapest ways to make your company known. The car inscription business is a good business to start if your country has registered a good economical growth, and many people decided to start their own business.
There are two ways to make custom logos and inscriptions:

1. With cutter plotter, this king of technology is kind of old, but many people still use it. It is harder because you have to cut manually the letters and the logos.

2. With a big printer, that could print large pieces so they could be applied directly to the car.
Using the printer is much easier to make complicated designs.
In many countries you will find families that run this kind of business in their spare time because it doesn’t need much money to start.
The Investment
The initial investment will be around 1500 euro (about 2200 $). With these money you will have to buy a cutter plotter, a used one costs about 500 euro (700$) a new one costs 2500 euro (3500$), a computer, a printer, a scanner, a phone and a drawing licensed software (like Corel Draw - 300 euro (420$)).
Office Space and employees
You don’t have need many employees, 1-2 are sufficient in the beginning (to keep the costs as low as possible and the profits high, you could be the only employee). For running your business you will need a small room in witch to put al the equipment. Also you do not need an office or a garage because the work will be done at the client’s garage.
To make a design, you will need about 30 minutes for a simple one and it could reach 3 hours for a much more complicated one.
Don’t expect to become a millionaire if you start this business, at least not in the first 5 years :), but the profits are quite good, every square meter of inscription costs about 15 - 20 euro (20 -30$) depending on the design. From that amount half of it goes into your pocket, that’s about 10 euro (15 $).


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