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Friday, September 12, 2008

Money making adrenaline rush - Zorb | Business Ideas

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Zorb is a new way to pump your adrenaline. The Zorb was invented in New Zeeland in 1995 and from then it’s been used all over the world on slopes (it doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer), in any season it will bring you nice money.

This concept is very simple, a sphere, made from transparent PVC, that has a compartment in the middle where one human can stay. People don’t get injured because they are protected by a membrane of about 70 cm. The Zorb rolls over a mountain sloop giving the person inside a thrilling ride (it reaches about 50 km / h).

The rollover is chaotic, any bump may change the trajectory of the sphere, you can go up, down and left in a couple of seconds. For the business to be a success you have to find a mountain slope, with the length of about 50-100 m, and with not so many big rocks. Once you buy a Zorb the company will give you a complete training on how to use one of this "toys".

You will make considerable profits, and make a big splash in the world of extreme sports enthusiasts in your country.


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