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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A new business opportunity - Dating services for animals

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Many people buy different animals and they don`t think on what responsibility this brings them, and what trouble they to put up to in order to mate them. If you have an animal you know how it is. When you wanted to find a partner for your animal, you couldn`t find one. I am sure that you have tried at your local vet and your friend and neighbrow, but no luck.

Basically it is a relatively simple business idea. You could create a web site or a local agency, where people who want to mate their animals could find their animals “soul mate”. I know it sounds weird, but it’s a low cost business that could bring you decent profits with minimum effort.

For each owner you make a sheet with the animal’s data, and then when a customer comes you have already a database. That database should contain the animal type, female or male, age, the dog owner’s address, the price he is asking. You could advertise in specialized magazines, in pet shops, in vetenerian cabinets.


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