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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rent a bike | Business Ideas

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With all the migration to the big cities, people are finding much harder to get from point A to point B without running late. The car is no longer an option because of the traffic congestions and the roads are not getting bigger. So if you are a tourist or just being late and the subway or the bus doesn`t help you get a bike. It`s a healthy and fast way to get around in a city.

This could be a very simple business. Let’s take for example Berlin. In the major intersections, there is a place from where you can rent bikes. The bikes are looked with a special locking mechanism that only opens after you pay a fee. The fee costs in sending a text message to the company and the company send you back a code that will unlock the bike. The price is 3, 5 euro (5 $) for an hour, is not much if you think how much easier you can go in traffic.

You return the bike, not necessarily from where you picked it up, but from anyplace you could find a company’s “rent a bike” center. The company has between 500 – 1500 clients daily, and the length of a rental is between 50 – 80 minutes.

So, what are you waiting for?


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