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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Garden landscaping | Business Ideas

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A small business idea that can get you high profits since the first month. A business like this cam be started with just 1000 euro (1500 $). The hard part in this business is that you find your first client, because, after that, he will recommend you to other people. Word of mouth is great in this business

Garden landscaping is a great business to start if you live in an area that has a very active real – estate market, with lots of homes. You don’t have to buy, at first, a lot of equipment, buy just the necessary, and if you need a special type of equipment, just rent it.

You can start with just a couple of workers, and then after you get more orders you can hire more, part –time. It will be great if you can make a deal with a real-estate developer in the area to recommend you to their clients, I’m sure that it will boost up your business.


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