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Friday, September 26, 2008

Rent a limousine | Business Ideas

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Everyone wants to go to a limo, but few do. Renting a limousine can be a pretty profitable business. You can rent limos to newlyweds, to parties, to hotels for their important guests or high school kids that go to proms. You can buy a used limo with about 30.000 -35.000 euro (45.000 – 50.000 $).

The clients are regularly VIPs and business people that want to travel in style. You can start with one limo and you as the driver, and then can buy more when the business rises. The only inconvenience that you will have is the gas price that is rising. You can advertise in hotels, and luxury clubs / restaurants.


Albert said...

it`s an intresting business idea, we don`t have this in my country

Jacksonville Limo said...

It's important to check some vital details when renting a limo-service. Two of the most important is that it should have a good reputation when it comes to being on time. And second is that all drivers should be all professional and licensed to ensure safety of the clients.

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