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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Luxury perfume boutique | Business Ideas

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This business idea came when I have realized that an important client of mine did not have a place to buy a good perfume. Of course there are the generalist stores that sell perfumes, but I am talking about high – end perfumes.

If your country has a high economic growth and the population likes luxury (I mean that if they have the money to buy luxury items) I would suggest that you start a perfume boutique, a luxury perfume boutique.

A high –end perfume could cost from 300 $ to a couple of thousand dollars depending on the brand and on the edition (limited edition are more expensive).

The investment in such a boutique could start from 90.000 $ (70.000 euro) and could go up to 260.000 $ (200.000 euro) depending on the location, the design of the boutique and how many square meters it has. Your turnover will be around 200.000 – 500.000 in your first year. Don’t worry about the profit; it will come very quick because the profit margin is very good in luxury commerce.


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