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Friday, November 7, 2008

Rent a gadget | Business Ideas

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Have you ever needed a Gps but you didn’t buy one because you had to use it just once and then probably will have sat in its case, never used again?

Well, this business idea comes in the help of people who needs electronic items to use for a short period of time. The service is very simple, like we have the “Rent a Car” companies; we could have the “Rent a Gadget” concept.

You could rent a GPS, you could rent portable TV’s, portable DVD players, notebooks, and you could practically rent any type of gadget.

Your investment in the company will be very little. Let’s make a short calculation: A GPS gadget costs about 200 $, if you will rent it with 5 $ a day, in 40 days you will get your money back.

You could advertise with flyers and with a web site, you could also advertise in campuses and universities.


Business Ideas said...

I think that's a good Business Idea, I know I have bought items before that I needed to use just one time and never have to use it again.so if it's a gaget that your going to use one time or very seldom then you would be better off to rent it.

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