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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chocolate, a delicious business | Business Ideas

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Chocolate will always sell, because it`s too good to not eat it. Besides, it`s a medicine and can do good to your health. That is if we are talking about quality chocolate, not the one that is sold in retail chain stores that contains a lot of additives.

The chocolate that has a high percentage of additives in its composition has a low price and a low quality, but our advantage will be quality. The business that I propose is that to sell quality chocolate. We will sell chocolate that is made from traditional recipes in counties like Belgium, France and Switzerland . The only disadvantage of this business is that the chocolate must be transported in optimum conditions regarding temperature and that the chocolate must be consumed in 20 days (because of the natural ingredients, after 20 days the sweet taste becomes sour).

An investment in such a boutique will be around 50.000 $ and it could reach 100.000 $ depending on the suppliers, location and decorations. The profit margin for such products will be around 20-30 %.


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